What an Elder Law Attorney Does and Tips to Select the Right One

 What an Elder Law Attorney Does and Tips to Select the Right One

Having the essential documents in place gives you the necessary legal right to provide the best care for your older adult now till the end of life. For these reasons, it is vital to find the right elder law attorney to draw up the correct documents for proper estate planning in Bradenton. Here are some critical tips for hiring the correct person and how they can help both seniors and their caregivers.

One may ask, “what does an elder law attorney do?”

Elder law is the specialized legal area focused on older adults and their children. These attorneys’ legal focus includes power of attorney, long-term care planning, Medicare/Medicaid planning, veteran benefits, estate planning, disability planning, and abuse.

One way elder law attorneys in Bradenton help seniors and caregivers is by planning for the future and protection of assets. Those in this profession will have the expertise to make recommendations on how to prepare for future needs. Often they will answer questions such as, “How do I qualify for Medicaid so it will pay for a nursing home?” Or “How do I make sure my wife will have money left after the care expenses are paid?” For each of these complicated questions, the answer will vary. A reputable elder law attorney will help with your senior’s legal, financial, and care needs. They will also ensure all legal documents are correct for your state. Laws vary between state to state and can be very specific, especially for legal documents such as a POA or a will.

Now you may have yourself asking, “How do I ensure I am getting a good Elder Law Attorney in Bradenton?

The best way to ensure you are hiring the right person for the job is to meet, discuss the older adult’s needs, and check their credentials. Going to an initial consultation is generally a good place to start as it allows you to get an idea of how they work and if their style is right for you. Seek out and discuss any experiences they have that are similar to yours. It is a good idea to find an elder law attorney in Bradenton who has experience dealing with your specific types of situations. Evaluate their customer service and take plenty of notes on their politeness and professionalism. Ensure you are working with someone who genuinely cares and understands your older person’s needs while responding promptly. Lastly, check their credentials. Before hiring any elder law attorney, it is important to ensure they are actively licensed to practice in your state, but you can also check to see if they have ever been publicly disciplined.

Hiring an elder law attorney in Bradenton can be truly beneficial for seniors and their loved ones for caregiving needs to estate planning. Use these tips to ensure you hire the right person for the job.

James E Johnson is a Elder Law Attorney in Bradenton Florida, and is board certified by the Florida Bar as an elder law specialist.


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