Why Should You Go For Collaborative Divorce?

 Why Should You Go For Collaborative Divorce?

If the time has come for you and your spouse to part ways, but you still do not wish to go to court, a collaborative divorce can come to the rescue. Here, you and your spouse would need to hire divorce attorneys well versed in collaborative law. They are the ones who will let you know of your rights and responsibilities, and if the divorce includes any tax liabilities. In this collaborative approach, the attorneys of the two parties, instead of working in opposition to each other, work in collaboration. Here are some reasons why such a divorce is preferable.

1. Puts you in the driver’s seat

The power of decision making remains with you and your spouse instead of your court or your divorce lawyers.

2. Cost-effective

It costs less to get a collaborative divorce than getting a court settlement.

3. Children’s interests

Children are given top priority and mutual consent between the two parties is a must.

4. Stress levels are less

In traditional divorces, a court creates a highly adversarial atmosphere. But here, the parties talk to each other in a supportive environment. 

5. All-round support

Collaboratively trained groups of family professionals in Denver are there to provide you with financial, legal and emotional advice – this group includes divorce lawyers, divorce coaches, financial counsellors, and mental health professionals. To get the best support and service, you should however hire the right Collaborative Divorce Attorney & Family Law in Denver.

6. Long-term success

Collaborative divorce gives you a long-term solution where the negative emotional impact is a minimum.

7. Respects your privacy

Collaborative divorce ensures that your private information does not end up in public record, something which you are unable to avoid in a traditional divorce.

8. Respects your dignity

The supportive environment of a collaborative divorce allows you to remain cool and collected, which may not be possible in a stressful court divorce.

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