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Why Should You Go For Collaborative Divorce?

If the time has come for you and your spouse to part ways, but you still do not wish to go to court, a collaborative divorce can come to the rescue. Here, you and your spouse would need to hire divorce attorneys well versed in collaborative law. They are the ones who will let you […]Read More

Automatism And Prior Fault In Criminal Law

Automatism and Prior Fault in Criminal Law, they are two major terms we need to know. Automatism and prior fault have different kind of effect which varies according to the type of crime and the defendant’s state of mind.  Automatism Automatism is the physical act itself which you had no control over therefore it tags […]Read More

How A Legal Phone Answering Service Improves Firm Efficiency

A 2018 Legal Trends Report titled, Learn how to drive law firm success, determined the average lawyer earns approximately 1.6-hours in billable work every day. This statistic indicates that attorneys are only able to put a small fraction of their day towards billable tasks which scream the need for efficiency. Luckily, for the countless swamped attorneys […]Read More