What are the most important questions to ask a divorce attorney?

 What are the most important questions to ask a divorce attorney?


What are the most important questions to ask a divorce attorney? It is an excellent question. When you are divorcing from your spouse, you may face some extremely important decisions. If you don’t ask the right questions when you’re seeking the services of a divorce attorney, you might end up making some very bad decisions. It’s better to get a divorce lawyer who will be honest with you and give you the best possible advice. Visit this website to get started.

The most important questions to ask a divorce lawyer are the questions that deal most directly with your case. Ask him or her about the nature of your divorce and specifically about alimony. You will be getting a divorce, so it’s crucial that you know the difference between the payment schedule outlined in your agreement and what your judge will allow. If you get a divorce, you’ll need to come up with a schedule of your own and ask your divorce lawyer for advice about whether or not it will be in your best interest to follow this schedule.

Another important question to ask a divorce lawyer is about child custody. You have probably seen infomercials on television and in magazines that tell you that it’s easy to win your divorce case by simply hiring a competent divorce attorney. While it’s true that a competent attorney can certainly help you in court, in the long run they’re really unnecessary. A divorce will be fairly easy to achieve if you and your spouse agree on child custody and both parties are reasonably amicable. If one of you has a contentious personality that doesn’t help things, or if you have a history of abuse or other issues, chances are that your child will get custody (and you’ll lose visitation rights as well).

Yet another set of important questions to ask a divorce attorney is about asset settlements. You may not have already been paying your ex-spouse with cash or assets. If so, you should ask your divorce attorney whether these monies will be included in the final settlement. Some states go by what’s called an “ability to collect” clause, which essentially means that the ex-spouse is presumed to have the financial ability to pay for a divorce. In other words, if she has money and you don’t, you likely won’t be getting the same settlement that she would have gotten had you been able to offer some kind of monetary support.

Perhaps the most important question to ask a divorce attorney is what you can do to “promote peacefulness” in the divorce process. This question may seem odd, but it’s actually a very valid one. You have undoubtedly heard that if you speak to the person who will be doing most of the talking during the divorce, things will get resolved faster and there will be less conflict. While this may indeed be true in some cases, it’s also true that couples who talk through the issues in good faith will usually get better results when they do meet in court. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you do your part to promote peacefulness during the divorce process.

As mentioned earlier, when dealing with a divorce, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing your best to gather as much information as possible about your partner. Unfortunately, there’s only so much that you can learn about your spouse through your own eyes, and your experience and your intuition may be unreliable when it comes to certain matters. This is why it’s always a good idea to consult a divorce lawyer and ask what are the most important questions to ask a divorce attorney? Your attorney will be able to give you informed and intelligent answers, and he will be present during all of the proceedings so he’ll be able to tell you whether or not your concerns are valid.


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