Pharma law firm in Hungary welcomes new colleagues from the US

 Pharma law firm in Hungary welcomes new colleagues from the US

A pharma law firm in Hungary has grown with a new Head of Practice and a new Foreign Legal Counsel specializing in cross-border pharmaceutical transactions. Read on to find out more about what skills they can use for the benefit of companies looking for legal counsel in the medical industry!

The qualifications of an attorney at a pharma law firm in Hungary

A lawyer named Csaba Rusznak has joined a pharma law firm in Hungary to lead the company’s Dispute Resolution Practice Group.

His main areas of expertise are international commercial and investment arbitration, and he is also experienced in litigation proceedings in US courts, since he previously worked in Washington at one of the most prestigious law firms in the States, Arnold & Porter. His understanding of the American legal system goes back even further, as he also used to work a law clerk in many courts in West Virginia and Louisiana. Now working at a pharma law firm in Hungary, he was also appointed as conciliator to the ICSID Panel of Arbitratorsand Conciliators.

In what other areas can a lawyer offer advice at a pharma law firm in Hungary?

Another lawyer working in Washington, D.C. also rejoined a pharma law firm in Hungary as Foreign Legal Counsel. Oliver Koppany is now working on legal issues that cover international pharmaceutical transactions, including Central Eastern Europe regulatory approvals. He definitely made use of his dual citizenship, and acquired extensive experience in both countries: he is a registered Foreign Advisor with the Budapest Bar Association and a member of the U.S. District of Columbia Bar.

Aside from now using his pharmaceutical law expertise at a law firm in Hungary, his other areas of legal counsel include:

  • international trade and investment law
  • foreign direct investments (FDI)
  • foreign corrupt practices law

He is also involved with offering legal advice to clients involved in intricate cross-border commercial real estate deals, as well as being responsible for numerous improvement tasks at the pharma law firm in Hungary he now works at.

The firm in question is located at one of the most beautiful locations of Budapest, right at the Fisherman’s Bastion, near the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and the Buda Castle. The excellent location of the Pallazo Hunyadi office complex where the firm can be found has also contributed to its “A category” rating, the highest rating that can be given to office buildings.

Why is it worth it to hire a pharma law firm in Hungary?

The technology and new developments that surround the healthcare industry are regularly changing. As such, the legal issues that concern medical budgets, spending, social reimbursement, and other pharmaceutical issues that have strict legal restrictions. A professional pharma law firm in Hungary canuse its extensive experience and highly trained lawyers to help with both domestic and cross-border issues, such as:

  • pharmaceutical patent protection
  • pharmaceutical litigation resolutions
  • pharmaceutical regulatory matters – bringing a new product to the market
  • helping to full the requirements of the public procurement of pharmaceutical products
  • preparing contracts related to clinical trials
  • ensuring ethical pharmaceutical promotion and advertising
  • complete strategies for the marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products

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