What Is It Like to Be in Prison?

 What Is It Like to Be in Prison?

Getting arrested and imprisoned for a felony can be a difficult life, and learning what to expect before entering prison can help you plan for what lies ahead. So, how’s life in prison? And until he is incarcerated, a man who’s been arrested goes through a long process. It’s difficult to imagine what it’s like to be in prison without understanding what to face from start to end. As a new arrival, you will be allowed to drive to prison with a mate or family member while you are first convicted to prison, be it for life or only a year. If not, you might even catch a seat on a prison bus from the sheriff’s department. Following that, the inmates would be uncovered, disinfected, and searched. Just in case they’re sneaking anything into the facility. The majority of personal products will be collected and secured by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Eyeglasses, novels, and legal documents are normally permitted.

A Prison Cell

Newcomers are sometimes referred to as fish by most prisoners and sometimes guards. When a new inmate enters, they would be held in the fish tank, a specific area of the prison where they will be kept for 30 days at most before being transferred to new cells. Cells are usually eight by six feet in size and have a toilet, mattress, sink, and metallic bed tray that attaches to the wall. If space is small, another bed may be built on top of the current bed; cells will also have up to eight beds in rare circumstances.

Jobs in a Prison

Most people claim that you would remain in your cell while you are in prison to consider something to stimulate your mind, such as reading a novel or relaxing out in the sun on special events. The majority of people are unaware that inmates do nearly half of the labor performed in prison. Prisoners do everything from cleaning and washing and cooking to gardening. That being said, prison survival is extremely hard. Guards would begin searching for jobs for a prisoner as soon as they arrive in prison. Some prison jobs offer as little as ten cents per hour and are required every day.

Dinner with Toothpaste

Have you ever had a hankering for a hamburger on a Sunday night or a glass of ice-cold orange juice in the summer? You don’t have any enjoyment in prison! Life in prison is miserable. If you’re starving after dinner, you’ll be hungry for the rest of the day. The prison food supply is overburdened and complicated to manage, and inmates’ diets are sometimes unhealthy. Some prisoners said they’ve taken to consuming “toothpaste and toilet tissue.” Normally, prisoners get three meals a day; furthermore, there has been discussion about reducing the number of meals to only twice per day!¬† Most prisons have no calorie requirements for meals, making it difficult for inmates to receive the same quantity of nutrition they need. Prisoners also have difficulty focusing their minds on something other than eating or being busy with other activities.

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