The History Of Social Security Law

 The History Of Social Security Law

The Social Security Act of 1933 was a law enacted by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and signed into law by US president. The act created the Social Security Administration as well as social security disability insurance. The act was a part of Roosevelt’s New Deal Domestic program. The program helped support the creation of institutions for disability, old age, education, employment, medical assistance, job training or retraining, and old age homes.

Social Security Laws provides protection and assistance to qualified persons with disabilities who require financial assistance. Social Security Laws provides these people with the rights to live, work, and receive disability benefits, if required. The programs are administered by the Social Security Administration. The Department of Labor also has some policies and regulations concerning the Social Security Laws. Some of the key social security policies are:

The Social Security Laws allows the freedom of choice for individuals to apply for disability benefits. The legislation also guarantees freedom from the payment for long term disability. It also provides incentives for social security disability applicants to return to work. The laws also provide work incentives to disabled workers who agree to accept a job with long-term disability.

Under the social security law, an applicant can claim benefits for any disease, injury, or illness that prevents him/her from doing his/her job. Some of the diseases that are covered by social security laws are: heart disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, asthma, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Benefits are also provided for childhood diseases. A qualified individual can apply for social security disability if he/she met certain criteria.

The law also entitles people suffering from mental illness to receive disability benefits. The person should have a serious medical condition for at least a six-month period. Also, the disease must have persisted for two consecutive years. The benefits can also be claimed by parents, children, and dependent relatives of such people.

The social security law has made it easier for people suffering from disability to work. They no longer have to wait for long periods of time before they can apply for disability benefits. The eligibility requirements for receiving social security disability benefits are lesser than other social security programs. The disabled become eligible after the completion of the SSA reconsideration procedure.

The process of applying for disability benefits is faster nowadays. People no longer have to go through the entire confirmation process. There is now a quick eligibility determination, which makes the entire application process a lot faster. A qualified applicant can also expect a decision within three months of submission of his application form.

Another change in the social security system is that a claimant no longer needs to prove that he or she suffers from a disability before being awarded benefits. Now, all that is needed is that the applicant can show that he or she is unable to work because of some physical condition. Disability claims are now processed straight away. However, it is imperative that the applicant thoroughly read the guidelines before filing his or her claim. The SSA will take into account the applicant’s age, health problems, income and resources, as well as the severity of the condition. Also, the claimor’s financial condition and current lifestyle are taken into account before deciding on the payment amount.

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