One of the Best in DWI Defense

 One of the Best in DWI Defense

Tom Anelli is best known across the state of New York as an attorney who is providing all the safeguards to those who might be accused wrongfully as well as those who might have made a mistake in judgment. During his career, this attorney has successfully defended thousands of those individuals charged with DWI.

DWI attorney

As an attorney, DWI Tom is a:

  • Member of National College of DWI Defense
  • NHTSA certified practitioner
  • Certified instructor of Field Sobriety Testing
  • Author

Tom is also a member of:

  • National Criminal Justice Association
  • Founding member and NYS ambassador for the DWI Defense Lawyers Association
  • Member of the American Bar Association

When to contact

If you have been arrested and charged with a DWI in:

  • Binghamton
  • Albany
  • Syracuse
  • Watertown
  • Rochester

This is when you need Tom and his team to defend you. They understand this system that is used to prosecute you when you are charged with DWI. His 15 years of experience in this field have given this lawyer the skills needed to keep you out of jail, driving, and working at your job so as to support yourself and your family.

Dedicated practice

Tom and his associates have dedicated their practice to defending passionately any of those charged with DWI. This team knows that those charged with DWI are in many cases not guilty of this charge. This team has become quite good at obtaining the absolute best results for people like you, who might have unfortunately become the victims of the standardized testing used during DWI prosecutions. Tom has gained national recognition as being one of the top one percent of DWI attorneys in the United States.


Tom achieved his J.D. at St. Thomas University and has also gained national acknowledgment for legal skills that are strong together with is high ethical standards based on both peer as well as client reviews. He has received a “Distinguished” rating from Martindale-Hubbell as well as Avvo “superb” rating. 

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