How Property Investment Helps in Getting Turkish Passport?

 How Property Investment Helps in Getting Turkish Passport?

If you have decided to settle in Turkey permanently, you need to have a passport to determine your citizenship. There are many options available for you to apply for Turkish citizenship. One of them is when you purchase a real estate property. You need to acquire a property with a minimum value of $250,000.

If we delve deep, there are certain regulations attached to buying a property in Turkey. The process starts by:

  • Acquiring a Tax Registration Number
  • Open a Turkish bank account. 
  • Choose the place and property to invest in.
  • Buying your selected property
  • Obtain the Certificate of Conformity
  • Apply for Turkish citizenship by investment

Basic Requirements To Buying A Property In Turkey

Every country has a minimum set of rules to follow while purchasing a property. Likewise, Turkey has its requirements. The fulfillment of these rules will decide your permanent citizenship. Here are some basic requirements for purchasing a property in Turkey:

    • The Minimum value of the property should be $250,000. You can purchase either a single property or multiple properties. 
    • The official valuation of the property is done by the “Banking Supervision Board”.
    • Applicants who book their property in Turkey cannot sell it for 3 years. 


  • Any transfer or sale amount of the property will be done by bank transfers only.     


After you purchase a property, you can apply for a passport with all the relevant legal documents. You will be guided by a real estate agent on purchasing property along with getting a passport. The documents are submitted to the authorities. After verification, you will be handed your residence between 1 month and a passport within 4-6 months.      

Do you need assistance in the entire process? Contact a real estate and immigration agent and get smart advice to settle your life in Turkey.   

David Curry

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