Everything You Need to Know On Child Maintenance During Family Court

 Everything You Need to Know On Child Maintenance During Family Court

One of the things that have been on a rampant increase as of late is none other than divorce. More and more couples file some form of annulment, divorce, or separation nowadays that makes the entire relationship feel as though it is nothing but an affair. This increase in divorce leads to a massive increase in families torn apart one after the other. It is getting increasingly harder to find children who do not have complicated histories with their families. As such, it is crucial that you fully understand the various implications that you would leave your children should you want to file for a divorce yourself.

But to help you understand all those complex bylaws, you would need someone to explain and identify the various ways in which you can help yourself make sure that you are giving your children the best life they deserve. And those people are none other than the great minds over at Syariah Lawyers SG. This team of family court lawyers can help all those that need the guidance to tackle the complex nature of the Singapore child maintenance law.

Understanding The Nature of Custodies and Rights

Divorce is not something that most children would want to associate themselves with. It is already a complicated procedure with all the aspects of figuring out which things should be with which parent. There will always be a divide in making critical decisions that can hamper a child’s potential such as school location. This mess can all sort itself out when handled under the professional eye of a family court.

One of the things that would need priority addressing is which parent becomes the primary custody holder. There are some rarer cases where the other parent would receive absolute zero custody of his or her children if the family court deems that person unfit to take care of the child. However, most situations would merely end with one parent becoming a priority caretaker while the other becomes secondary. Although the secondary would still have some say when it comes to a couple of decisions, most major ones would turn to the primary parent.

Visitation rights are also another concept that a parent should consider, especially if that parent loses the child’s primary custody. The crucial reason why you should never surrender your visitation rights is since you still have the right to at least see your kids as they grow older. Most family courts will make it a point to make sure that the child would still have capable parents watching over them at all times, even if one of the parents would only show up for a smaller amount.

Financial Support Cases

Just because a parent loses their child’s custody does not mean that they can move on as if they never had them in the first place. You would also need to consider that you can always request or demand some form of financial aid for the child. There should never be a time when you cannot support your child because you are alone and not earning enough. As such, you can demand your partner to pay a routine amount until your child is of legal age to help support you and your family.

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