Best Opportunities for the Perfect Attorney

 Best Opportunities for the Perfect Attorney

The lawyer is the professional authorized to provide legal advice and assistance, enforcing the law and protecting the rights of its clients.

The lawyer is therefore a legal consultant expert in law and qualified to practice the profession, who works on the mandate of private citizens, companies, organizations and public or private entities . It ensures that the laws in force are applied, to solve specific problems or to defend the interests of its customers, even by representing them in the courts.

What does a lawyer do?

The work of a lawyer can basically be divided into two main components: the legal representation activity, and the legal advice activity.

The lawyer represents his clients in a court, supporting them before a judge for matters of public or private law: he presents documents, evidence and arguments in favor of the assisted party, trying to convince the judging bodies to express an opinion favorable to his position.

As for legal advice, the attorney makes his knowledge of the jurisprudence available to provide advice and suggestions on how to exercise and claim his rights: he informs clients about legal obligations and protections, explains the practical application of codes and regulations, and suggests the best actions to take, in compliance with legal procedures.

The activities of a lawyer can then vary depending on the legal fields of which he is an expert. Some of the main fields of jurisprudence are civil law, criminal law, corporate law, tax law, commercial law, international law, environmental law, administrative law, family law and labor law. The areas of intervention are therefore very large, and depending on one’s specific skills, a lawyer can deal with:

Skills of the Lawyer

Legal assistance for individuals , for example civil or criminal litigation, protection of individual rights following illegal treatment by private individuals, companies or public bodies, wills and succession documents, sale of real estate, family matters such as divorce, custody of children, maintenance allowances

Legal advice for companies , for example on business contracts, corporate acquisitions and mergers, liquidations, protection of industrial property, labor, trade union and social security issues

In both cases, the activity of the lawyer requires a thorough knowledge of the situation of his client, in order to be able to intervene effectively. For this reason, the lawyer tends to establish a confidential and trusting relationship with the client, keeping professional secrecy on all the information he becomes aware of during his professional activity.

  • Once the lawyer is aware of the details of the affair for which his intervention is requested, he carries out extensive research to ensure the accuracy of the legal opinion provided, collects information , testimonials and evidence, draws up documents with legal value, proceeds with actions legal, compare with the lawyers of the opposing party.
  • Since this is a very complex and difficult to understand matter for non-professionals, it is also important to be able to explain legal technicalities in a simple and understandable way for everyone.
  • A lawyer finds work in law firms of any size from those made up of a few professionals to those who are part of international companies with offices around the world. But not only that: he can also practice the profession for the state, as a public defender or public prosecutor .

Alternatively, lawyers can work as employees in the legal department of companies , entities and organizations (for example in highly regulated sectors such as insurance, banking and finance, or the pharmaceutical one ), or find employment in companies specializing in legal advice on the matter of contracts, protection of intellectual property, patent registration.


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