The best legal agency for probate Scotland has to offer

 The best legal agency for probate Scotland has to offer

Summary: Managing the estate of someone that is recently deceased can be overwhelming. Without the right legal support, you will face lots of challenges. Weir law offers the best legal agency for probate that Scotland has to offer. 

When someone that you are close to dies it can be overwhelming to be the next-of-kin and have to deal with all of the administration required within the laws of Scotland. It can be an even more daunting and time-consuming task if the deceased did not leave a will. 

If you do find that you are in a situation where you’re dealing with the estate of the deceased it is essential that you know what your rights and responsibilities are as the executor of the estate. Taking the correct legal advice is essential as you could have a claim made against you by HMRC, or even a disappointed beneficiary. 

This is where the most experienced solicitor for probate Scotland has to offer can come in handy. You’ll be able to learn what is expected of you while sharing the burden with the solicitor. Your solicitor will then deal with all of the paperwork and the court procedures. 

If you decide to administer the estate yourself, you should be aware that because there is no will, you will need to apply to the courts to be made executor. Unless you are named in the will created by the deceased, there are no automatic rights to act as the executor unless you have petitioned the sheriff court nearest the home of the deceased. Before your application will be looked at, you will first need to obtain a bond of caution. 

Often, if the deceased was a homeowner, their most valuable asset will have been their home. You will need to see the title deeds for the property. These could be with the best solicitor for probate Glasgow offers, or with the mortgage company. You can get electronic copies within a few days via the Registers of Scotland website. You will need to understand the nature of ownership of the property. 

There will be complex paperwork to handle and process and you will need acute attention to detail. For instance, you will need to be able to distinguish between the estate and non-estate assets. 

You will also be responsible for contacting all potential beneficiaries of the estate to let them know that they have the right to make a claim on the estate. 

Record keeping is essential and you will need to gather the final values of the estate for the sheriff and HMRC. 

To get help with dealing with a deceased person’s estate, you’ll need specialist legal support from Weir Law. Although Weir Law is a Glasgow based law firm, they provide probate support to people from all over Scotland. 

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