Going Through A Divorce? What You Should Know

 Going Through A Divorce? What You Should Know

There are different ways to annul your marriage; take the case of mediation, collaborative divorce, or arbitration as an alternative to divorce litigation. Getting divorce litigation is more to depend on your spouse’s particulars from your relationship.

Marriage with children, properties, businesses, and debts takes long, especially if the marriage was for several years. In contrast, a short marriage with few particulars is more to take a shorter time. At the Law Office of William D. Pruett, we have a highly rated divorce attorney Weatherford TX.

In how every partner seeks a divorce, we ensure to provide the right attorney for the case. Here is how to go through the divorce process:

Divorce Petition

One of the spouses must file for a divorce petition to start the divorce process. A petition dictates the ground of the divorce. The settings vary from a different state to another. Texas is a no-fault state, which means no party takes the fault of the divorce regardless of infidelity or any other issue.

Temporary Custody and Support Order

When one partner wants children’s custody or financial support, the spouse can ask for temporary orders from the court. To avoid such issues involving a divorce attorney Weatherford TX will ensure this process is done with ease. You can expect the order in a few days after filing for a petition. The temporary order will remain functional until an outcome in the case.

Proof of Response and Service

When you file for a divorce, you are supposed to file for proof of service also. The copy indicates that your spouse also has a copy of the divorce case document. For assistance with the manuscript, it is significant to let a divorce attorney offer the service or using a process server. If your partner agrees to the divorce case, then you are clear to engage your divorce attorney to initiate the divorce process.


During the divorce process, there is an issue that both couples have to agree on and settle on. Some of the matters to settle the differences are best handled using the right attorney. A divorce attorney will ensure every aspect is considered during the divorce, in particular property division, child support, spousal support, and child support.

Any issues left unresolved during negotiations will be decided during trial. The Cowtown Lawyers will ensure to offer you the possible outcome from the trial. Furthermore, we offer guidance on how best to settle differences and coping after divorce.

At our family law office, we have divorce attorneys that will take much of their time in your case and offer guidance and advice on what to expect. Furthermost, you will get vital information concerning property division, child custody and support, and alimony.


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